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While previously I have reviewed open source HR software from the applications side, there is also an interesting area that deserves mention.

Open source business process management (BPM) solutions such as BonitaSoft and Wira now have pre-built business processes that automate some of the most common HR tasks such as:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Recruitment and Selection

Interestingly for those who would like to have an easy start to HR, but without the depth that full blown open source HR applications such as A1 eHR provide, using a BPM solution might just suffice!

Open source BPM solutions also have the added advantage of automating even the most complex HR business processes due to their use and conformation to the BPMN Standard.

Nirvana would, however, would be HR Applications that use BPM solutions to automate their business processes and I should write about that soon.