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This, after the initial setup, is the first port of call for most human resource software as they mainly center around the employee.

Various open source solutions have implemented this differently, the difference being the level of data that the solution captures as well as how it then maps this to the organization.

In our review I will briefly review what each provider has provided, the details and also any strengths and weaknesses.

A1 eHR

The employee profile is extensive as to be expected of a solution targeting the Mid-Large sector. By default captures employee details such as Staff Profile, Qualifications, Family Details. The Staff Profile goes ahead and captures data such as Personal Details, Family Details, Academic & Professional Qualifications, Organization Structure Reports, Employment & Deployment History, Contacts & Referee Information, Assets Assigned, Clearance Checklist etc

It allows for fully automated self-service where certain fields can be locked by the HR Admin such that for an employee to change them an approval request that goes through a pre-determined workflow is activated.

The employee profile trades thoroughness and comprehensive data for quick entry. However, it could be that not all the details are required for one to get started off.

Deskera HRMS

Deskera is a new open source platform that provides ERP, CRMS, HRMS & other modules. The employee profile is basic, and captures relevant information needed to use the rest of the modules in HR. The information captured initially is much less than the average HR application. This is not to say that the other HR modules are not up to scrtach, as some of them like Performance Management are pretty good.

The employee profile captures Personal Details, Dependant Details, Contact & Workshift Details, Organization Details, Qualification & Employment Details.


The employee profile is brief but detailed enough, and as expected for a solution targeted mainly at the SME market. By default it captures Personal Details, Contact Details, Emergency Contacts,  Dependents, Immigration, Job, Salary, Report To, Qualifications, Memberships information.

The employee profile is brief and would more than suffice for the SME market, but would need to be upgraded for larger and/or global corporates.


The level of detail in the employee profile is largely almost similar to OrangeHRM and as two products that target the SME market, this is to be expected. The employee profile covers Personal Information, Emergency Contacts, Manager & Reportees, Education Details, Salary, Benefits, Leave Scheme, Company Properties,Dependents, Previous Employment History, Issued Letters.

From my analysis and experience, open source HR solutions can meet the needs of most firms and especially so at the SME level. As they continue to mature, they will start creeping up the ladder to provide enough functionality for the larger corporate market and indeed a couple of them such as A1 eHR and maybe possibly Deskera could be used in larger organizations.