This is a question that is asked often, but rarely do we have a good answer.

This site will be dedicated to open source human resource software! Everything from news, reviews, comparisons on open source human resource software will be here.

Where do we start? How about I list the most popular and known human resource software, then I go ahead in subsequent blogs to review these software, one-by-one, categorize them, and hopefully we’ll open the door to whats available.

In order (alphabetical)

  1. A1 eHR
  2. Deskera HRMS
  3. ICeHRM
  4. OrangeHRM
  5. SimpleHRM
  6. Waypoint HR

Above is the list of comprehensive open source human resource software. For a product to make it to the list above, it must have a number of common hr modules such as Employee Profile, Leave & Abcence Management, Recruitment, Separation etc

There are a couple of open source human resource applications that maybe address one of these modules, those I will review later in their own specific categories.

Next stop, reviewing above solutions for fit & purpose.